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Toyota Hilux

Toyota Hilux Davao
Toyota Hilux Selling Price (MSRP):

HILUX E, 4×2 MT 2.5 DSL = P 993,000.00

HILUX G, 4×2 AT 2.7 Gas = P 1,087,000.00

HILUX G, 4×4 AT 3.0 Dsl = P 1,415,000.00

HILUX G, 4×4 MT 3.0 Dsl = P 1,359,000.00

HILUX J, 4×2 MT 2.5 Dsl = P 790,000.00

Feature Highlights of Toyota Hilux

  • Part-time 4WD system
  • Rear suspension
  • High rigidity frame structure
  • Adjustable 4-spoke steering wheel
  • Vertical height adjuster
  • Bottle holders, cup holders and storage spaces
  • Power controls
  • Audio system
  • Anti-flood features
  • Side impact beams
  • Collapsible steering column
  • Global outstanding assessment body

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39 Responses to “Toyota Hilux”


    If I decided to finance HILUX J, 4 x 2 M/T 2.5 Dsl = Php790,000.00 at magkano ba dapat down at magkano ang monthly ko within 3 yrs, 4 yrs, at sa 5 yrs. at may insurance rin ba na ilang araw ko malaman kong aprove o hindi ang inaplayan ko. ano requirement. I am here in DUBAI right now but my family is in Davao City. Please advice.

  2. LEAMOR Says:



  3. Mikko Says:

    How much is the down-payment of HILUX J, 4×2 MT 2.5 Dsl = P 790,000.00. Give me 2-3 years quotation please.

  4. Carlos Gloria Says:

    Please send me thru e-mail the downpayment and monthly amortization of Hi-lux. I’m working here in Riyadh Saudi Arabia & living in Davao City

  5. Frank Pickton Says:

    Were in Davao can I purchase an off road steal front bumper with winch for my 2008 Hilux ? are there any off road accessories , stores in Davao ?

  6. dennis Says:

    pls send me a quotation for toyota hi-lux G pick-up 4×4 m/t for minimum dp in 3yrs term.

  7. Dhodz Says:


    Nakaopen po ako ng website nyo, at nabasa ko ang business nyo, nagpaplano kasi ako bumili ng sasakyan, pwedi nyo po ako mapadalhan ng pictures ng product nyo with price? tsaka ang term of payment nyo halimbawa installment basis ag pagbili ko. gusto ko makita ang prices nyo at kung magkano ang down at monthly.

    Andito po ako sa Afghanistan ngayon, at malapit narin po magbakasyon, kaya gusto ko makita kaagad ang prices at pictures ng product nyo,para mapagplanohan ko kaagad ang pagbili ko.

    Just send your reply to my email,

    Hihintayin ko po ang inyong sagot.


  8. marie fe Says:

    hi?may i ask how much your 4×4 hilux?and can you pls.send me a picture,and what are your available color?thanks

  9. David Says:

    Hello Please can you send the prices for New Toyota Hillux 4*4

  10. aposaga cesar Says:

    Good day,

    Im planning to purchase 4x4manual Hi Lux this coming end of June. inquire ko po kung ano ang requirement sa In House finacing. pwede po ba nyo ako mapadalhan ng requirement list at application, qutation price with in 60 months to pay.

  11. Raul C. Timogtimog Says:

    Good evening. May you please send thru my mail the financing scheme/schedule for HILUX J, 4×2 MT 2.5 Dsl if i will post P500,000.00 downpayment

  12. Rosalia Mahusay Seerup Says:

    Toyota Hilux
    Your Ad Here

    Toyota Hilux Selling Price (MSRP):

    HILUX E, 4×2 MT 2.5 DSL = P 993,000.00

    HILUX G, 4×2 AT 2.7 Gas = P 1,087,000.00

    HILUX G, 4×4 AT 3.0 Dsl = P 1,415,000.00

    HILUX G, 4×4 MT 3.0 Dsl = P 1,359,000.00

    HILUX J, 4×2 MT 2.5 Dsl = P 790,000.00

    Feature Highlights of Toyota Hilux
    Nais ko po malaman kung magkano ang down patments ng ganitong sasakyan, ta saka magkano ang mabayaran monthly… paki reply lang po, dahil balak ko po talagang bumili nang sasakyan kahit andito sa Denmark nakatira.

  13. Rosalia Says:

    I am planning to purchase 4×4manual Hi Lux. inquire ko lang po kung ano ang mga requirement for financing. pwede po ba nyo ako mapadalhan ng requirements list at application, quotation price with in 60 months to pay.

  14. Mary Jean Lacaba Says:

    hello and good day..ask lang kami price ng toyota hilux 4×4..kung 50 % dp,.magkano terms of payment for 2 or 3 years..thank you..

  15. Gladylou Soo Says:

    I really interested on the hilux 4×2 MT 2.5dsl Php790, if i pay it in cash do i have to a big discount? If in case how much? And what available color do you have? Can you send some picture with list of price.
    Thank you

  16. jerry Says:

    pki send me ug quotation ug brochure s hilux g & e 4X2 dsl mt… cash out 200T payable in 3 or 4 yrs. tnx

  17. jeanne Says:

    Please send me thru e-mail the downpayment and monthly amortization of Hi-lux ( 4×2 Diesel ). Minimum – maximum years of payment. Please include as well for Innova J 2.0 Gas M/T.

    Thanks a lot.

  18. rocky Says:

    Hi i’m interested to buy the cheapest Hi Lux J. Magkano po ang babayaran ko kung cash including all charges. And how long is to process the papers from the time i give you the payment until i can drive the car.

  19. yoshikawa Says:

    l plan to buy a brand new car on you have a brand new model for 2011?how much is the cash price.and how much din kung mag down ng 30 percent?magkano ang 2 years to pay and the monthly.puede pati ang quotation ng 1 year to pay and magkano ang monthly.for gen,san yan free l.t.o at hatid?

  20. Jay Carlo Vanzuela Says:

    Greetings ;
    im planning to purchase hilux j, how much in cash and installment basis? location?

  21. catherine carr Says:

    Hello. uuwi po kami hopefully after easter (april 2011), and I am planning to purchase Hilux J 4 x 2 MT 2.5 DSL 790,000pesos. Could you able to send me the requirements and application form, and how much is the down payment, and how long it will takes to purchase. Quatation price within 1or 2 yrs. silver color.Tnx
    Hope to hear from your company very soon.

  22. Jose Roy R. Mangunay Says:

    I’m planning to buy toyota pick up 2011 model..May i inquire the latest model 2011 toyota pick up 6 speed m/t.and the horse power of that unit?

  23. angie templado Says:

    pls send me quotation and picture of Hilux G, 4×4 AT 3.0 Dsl and Hilux G,4×4 MT 3.0 Dsl..tnx

  24. Rodito Dayon Says:

    i will be back home to Davao from Jeddah and I really interested on the hilux 4×2 MT 2.5 DSL = P 993,000.00
    is any one out there could help me to provide the installment details..

  25. chelina Says:

    HILUX G 4X4 MT INTERESTED po ako blk or silver color po available po ba …finance thru bank

  26. Ben Hur Serenado Says:

    HILUX J, 4×2 MT 2.5 Dsl = P 790,000.00

    can you send me a quotation for 24 and 36 monthly payment. what are the requirements for OFW.
    50% DP— remaining in 24 months ?
    30% DP— remaining in 24 months ?
    50% DP— remaining in 36 months ?
    30% DP— remaining in 36 months ?

  27. percival paler Says:

    gusto ko kumuha ng brand new hi lux j,down ako ng 5 0% tapos 2 years to pay. magkano ang buwanang babayaran ko buwan buwan.pwd paki send sa email ko pic ng hi lux j.

  28. elena nadera Says:

    hi,plano kung bumili hilux j,4×2 MT 2.5 Dsl.this coming december.mag down ako half of the price,magkano ang byran ko every month with in 3 yrs?at ano ang requirements?im working in ISRAEL from MARBEL KORONADAL SOUTH COTABATO.e2 email add rply soon.

  29. dante nadera Says:

    hi plano namin nang sister q bumili hiluxj,4×2 MT 2.5Dsl this coming december magkanu po ba pag cash? gusto namin yun color black and how long is to process at anu po yun requirments. pls reply asap kc lapit na po uwi q jan sa pinas pareho kami andito sa israel nang sister q…

  30. fhilgen albay Says:

    ilang days ma release ang unit?

  31. ed magsino Says:

    gusto ko po sanang bumili ng Hilux , A/T,2.7 ltr pag uwi ko jan sa Davao in 3 months from now. Magkano po ang 2011 or 2012 model nito, pwede po bang makakuha ng details of payment, iwll pay thru BDO ( i am a BDO account holder), thanks in advance.

  32. Jaime Succor Says:

    Plano ko pong kumuha ng hilux 4×4 dsl model out ko po ay 20% sa amt.
    magkano po payable in 2yrs. ang monthly ko?,at ilang araw po ang Jeddah,Saudi Arabia po ako nagtatrabaho at ang home place ko po ay sa Cotabato City.pakirply po sa email ko.salamat po.

  33. bryan Says:

    hello po.sir and mam magkano po ang down sa hilux na j.tas monthly 4yrs.nasa barko po ako seaman po.

  34. jhong Says:

    hi! i’m jhong,


    i just want to inquire about the Hilux 4×2 G 2.5 DSL 2M/T..and how much the down payment..and i will pay the total amount w/in 60 months.

  35. carl torrefranca Says:

    kailan yung promo?
    gusto kasi namin maka less sa price..

  36. Ronald Sing Salicsic Says:

    good morning ..may i ask how much is your hilux 4×2 late model with Double Cab?

  37. rodrigo jumalon Says:

    Hello’ sir/ma’am, I am OFW.How much the TOYOTA 1.5G M/T if i have 250,000 for down payment and how much the monthly payment? and payable for 36months, Bank financing,what are the requirements…Davao Toyota…you’re response is highly appreciated..Thanks & advance..Rod.

  38. cheryl obenza Says:

    good morning sir/madam..paln ko po kumuha ng hi lux j

  39. cheryl obenza Says:

    Good morning sir/madam..plan ko po kumuha ng hi lux j.pero wala po akong idea paano po ang pagprocess nun tru in house finance po..i am here in abroad magkano po kaya ang pwede i downpayment? Magkano monthly po within 2 yrs.po..thank you..i am waiting for your reply..

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