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Chevrolet Aveo

Chevrolet Aveo: Compact Greatness

Low price, low maintenance and low cost to drive… these are the reasons that made Chevrolet Aveo attractive to many buyers ever since its release a couple of years ago. Since then it went into many modifications to suit the safety and convenience needs of customers.

Boasting of its Chevrolet standard features, its low maintenance and driving cost, Chevrolet Aveo can be the best for city driving. Very economical yet it comes with a very luxurious design.

Chevrolet Aveo offers a lot for a subcompact car. This car comes with a 4-door sedan or a 4-door hatchback which runs on a 106-hp 1.6 liter 4-cylinder engine. It makes the most out of your fuel which makes it very economical to drive with an average consumption of 11km/L. A 5-speed manual transmission is standard, and a 4-speed automatic is optional. Despite its size, the insides of Aveo still offers a comfortable driving experience with its rich and durable design like most Chevrolet cars.

It also has the standard features that include dual airbags, ABS, all-power features, stereo with CD and MP3 player, keyless entry, 15 inch alloy wheels, rear spoiler, fog lights, OnStar assistance and restyled hatchback.

On the outside, being Chevrolet’s smallest car model, Aveo really looks clever and very light. With your choice of color to fit your personality, this car costs cheaper compared with others.

Chevrolet Aveo Selling Price In The Philippines

Chevrolet Aveo Hatchback

Aveo 1.2 L MT = P 550,000.00
Aveo 1.5 LS MT = P 680,000.00
Aveo 1.5 LS AT = P 720,000.00
Aveo 1.5 motorshow edition A/T = 720,000.00

Chevrolet Aveo Sedan

Aveo 1.4 Sedan MT = 669,000.00
Aveo 1.4 Sedan AT = 709,000.00

Video Review of Chevorlet Aveo

Feature Highlights of Chevrolet Aveo

  • 1.4 DOHC Engine with VGIS
  • 4-channel anit-lock brake system
  • Dual airbags
  • Euro ride suspension
  • 60/40 rear seat split
  • 14″ alloy wheels

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10 Responses to “Chevrolet Aveo”

  1. Reuben Diuyan Says:

    Tanong ko lng meron pong installment basis @ magkano yong aveo na kamukha ng hyundai getz, magkano po tnx

  2. nido hipolito Says:

    kung saka sakali po ay bibili ako para gagawin taxi kayo na ho bang kukuha ng franchise sa ltfrb para sa unit na bibilihin ko?salamat po

  3. dijas Says:

    mag kano po ung down payment at monthly payment thanks..

  4. Amanda Smith Says:

    Aveo 1.2 MT = PhP 550,000
    If I’m going to purchase cash…do i get discount if so how much?

    What about the papers, how long to process & the fee cost? Thanks

  5. alona Says:

    tanong ko lang meron po bang installment basis sa aveo 1.2 MT.. and how much is the downpayment..salamat po…

  6. Darlene P. Says:

    Magkano ba pag installment ang AVEO ninyo 1.2 MT for 3 years to pay tsaka magkano ang down payment? Salamat. Please e-mail mo ko sa

  7. Richard Says:

    what is down payment on Aveo 1.2 L MT

  8. alma Says:

    i have heard that you are accepting trade -in is that true? what is the requirements?

  9. Tessie Aldworth Says:

    Aveo 1.5 LS MT P680,000.00

    I would like to know the downpayment, how much is the monthly payment of this car and how long is the processing? am I be able to take home at the same day?

  10. edmar Says:

    Aveo 1.4 Sedan MT = 669,000.00
    how much is the down payment and its monthly payment

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