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Chery A5

These days, everybody wants to drive a stylish car that can run distances without spending too much fuel. With these criteria in mind, a lot of sedans would come into mind. Not a lot stands out of the bunch, but there are a few sedans worth looking into for the future – one of them is the Chery A5.

The Chery A5 is a class B sedan that comes in 1.6L, 1.8L and 2.0L ACTECO engines. It also comes in either a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission. The A5 features a multi-link independent rear suspension, and with a curb weight of 2,844 lbs., you know that this one is light for a sedan (the average US sedan weighs 4,000 lbs). Aside from standard safety equipments such as the ABS and EBD and dual SRS airbags, the A5 also features a CAN-BUS intelligent system that drives its electronics in a well worked system. The A5 comes in a super large body of 179.2 X 68.9 X 58.4 inches that should account for a well spacious interior.

The A5 is not fuel-greedy. Fuel consumption at 90 km/h is a sweet 6.6 liters/100 km for the 1.6 engine, 6.8 liters / 100 km for the 1.8 engine, and 7.2 liters /100 km for the 2.0 engine. Now, there are only a few cars that can take you as far as that; the Chery A5 is definitely one economical machine.

So what makes the A5 something for the future? You should know that A5 hybrids already won a “Gold Award for Green Environment” from China Automotive News. Hybrid or not, that doesn’t only underline the A5 prowess, it also shows the commitment of Chery in producing one clean machine such as the A5.

Video of Chery A5

Chery A5 Feature Highlights

  • Fashionable and modern appearance
  • ABS + EBD brake system
  • Transmission: 5-speed manual & 4-speed automatic
  • Fuel type: Unleaded fuel
  • Headlamp: integral crystal halogen lamp with high luminance and strong permeability
  • High starting point and serialization
  • Hydraulic-assistant steering
  • Front drive side electric door window
  • Rear left and right three point seatbelt with emergency locking retractor (two sets)
  • Instant fuel consumption display
  • Maintenance caution function
  • Color-keyed electric heating rearview mirror with heating


This article on Chery A5 is written by Randolph Reserva.

Honda Jazz

Honda Jazz: Beautifully Powerful

Something that is so beautiful and powerful at the same time could be a rare valuable treasure. And Honda Jazz could be one of the best examples in the world of automobiles.

Elegant and smart looking despite its little size, Honda Jazz is a sight to fall for even from the outside. When it first came out in 2002, this Honda model has captured the interest of many because of its innovative and gorgeous style that somehow changed the standard for classy automobiles. On the inside, the car is surprisingly spacious because its fuel tank is placed below the front seat, leaving bigger spaces on its body. It also has all the features one looks for a car and more.

Its looks not only creates style but contributes to improve its fuel efficiency. Its aerodynamic design is detailed to reduce air resistance.

With a power of 99 bph from the 83 bph of its first parent with a fuel consumption of 53.3 mpg , today’s Honda Jazz has really improved in terms of style and power, which was unthinkable back in its first launch after it toppled down many cars in world sales ranking.

By its improved engine, it runs for113 mph with a more smoother and noiseless traveling experience. It consumes 53.3 mpg of fuel and emission rates 123 g/km. It can drop down to 120 g/km if you choose to buy the six-speed automatic option.

Honda Jazz is perfect for long distance driving pleasure because of the impressive 1.5L i-VTEC technology.

Honda Jazz Selling Price (MSRP):

Honda Jazz 1.3 S MT = PHP 732,000.00
Honda Jazz 1.3 S AT = PHP 772,000.00
Honda Jazz 1.5 V AT = PHP 832,000.00

Feature Highlights of Honda Jazz

  • EPS (Electric Power Steering)
  • Power Windows, Driver Side – One Touch UP/DOWN Switch
  • Power Side Mirrors
  • Fuel lid synchronized w/ power door lock
  • Indicators: Tachometer, Speedometer, Fuel Level, Door Open, Temperature, Trip Meter
  • G-Con Body Structure
  • Child lock
  • Neck Shock Mitigation Seats
  • High-Mount Stop Lamp
  • Tail Lamps
  • Rear Windshield Defogger
  • Intermitent Wipers with Washer with Washer
  • Airconditioning System
  • Audio System, i-Pod Ready, CD In-dash Audio System with MP3 / WMA / Playback3
  • Roof-Mounted Antenna

Honda Jazz 2009 Review

Davao City Cars Note: This review shows a 2009 Honda Jazz sold in the UK, and therefore the right-hand drive. But the basic features are the same in any country where this car is available.

Honda City

Honda City: A Smoother Way to Drive

With its innovative i-VTEC engine that combines great power and fuel efficiency coupled with the remarkable 5-speed automatic transmission, easy-to-control features and a newly engineered suspension, Honda City offers a great and smoother driving experience that could spare you off stress while on the street.

Other powered features include a paddle shift manual convenience for that thrilling and sporty driving feeling, a lightweight high-rigidity body for overall ease and a 5.3m minimum turning radius by its 15-ich tire.

Its interior is designed by maximizing the space and easy cooling for airconditioner. The driver seat is also designed to offer the most relaxation and comfort for the driver while it has a triple meter cluster for precise performance giving you the power over your gear and for easier control teamed with its easy steering possible design. And adding to the enjoyment of having your hands in this innovative machine is the MP3 player with an iPod connectivity and state-of-the-art audio system for the best sound—all for you to enjoy good music while on the road.

Its exterior could easily speak of strength, stability and sharpness even in the first glance—classy and stylish.

Honda City Selling Price (MSRP)

Honda City 1.3 A MT = PHP 681,000.00
Honda City 1.3 S MT = PHP 721,000.00
Honda City 1.3 S AT = PHP 761,000.00
Honda City 1.5 E AT = PHP 811,000.00

Feature Highlights of Honda City

  • Power windows (Driver side – one touch UP/DOWN switch)
  • Power door locks, Power door mirrors
  • Indicators: Optitron Meter, Tachometer, Speedometer, Fuel Level, Door Open, Temperature, Trip Meter
  • Sunvisors (Driver and Assistant w/ vanity mirror)
  • Ticket Holder, Glove Box, Beverage Holder, Cigarette lighter, Ashtray
  • iPod Ready Audio System
  • Switch Panel with Door Lock KNob
  • Titl Steering Wheel
  • New Immonilizer Function
  • Keyless entry system
  • Wave Key
  • Gravitanional Force Control
  • Door Beams
  • Neck Shock Mitigation Seats
  • Child Lock
  • Pinch-free Power Window
  • High Mount Brake Lamp
  • Dual SRS Airbags
  • ABS (Anti-lock Braking System)
  • EBD w/ BA (Electronic Brake Force Distribution with Brake Assist)

2009 Honda City Review

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Toyota RAV4

Toyota RAV4
The Great SUV

Toyota RAV4 Selling Price (MSRP):

4×2, 2.4 Gas A/T
= PhP 1,425,000.00

4×2, 2.4 Gas A/T (White Pearl)
= PhP 1,440,000.00

4×4, 2.4 Gas A/T
= PhP 1,785,000.00

4×4, 2.4 Gas A/T (White Pearl)
= PhP 1,800,000.00

Feature Highlights of Toyota RAV4

  • Crystalline Headlamps
  • Foglamps cleverly recessed into the bumper
  • Front Grille that’s distinctly RAV4
  • boomerang-shaped door trims that houses the central power window and central door locks
  • Ample luggage space to keep your load organized and secured
  • MP3 Compatible 2-DIN, 6-CD in dash audio system
  • Integrated Steering Wheels and controls greatly enhanced convenience and safety
  • High-performance air-conditioning system
  • 3-tiered optitron meters
  • Cieling-illuminated vanity mirror
  • 10-way power driver seat
  • 4-speed automatic transmission with Supper ECT
  • Electronic power steering for reduced energy loss and improved fuel effefiency
  • Front McPherson Struts Suspension thames imperfect road for a placid ride
  • Cruise Control maintains your highway speed
  • Rear double wishbone suspension
  • Active torque control
  • 2.4 L VVTi engine
  • Anti-lock brake system (ABS) Electronic brake-force
  • Distribution EBD
  • SRS Airbags
  • Head impact protection
  • Impact absorption body designed to greatly resist cabin deformation
  • Engine Immobilizer System helps prevent vehicle theft